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Pendleton Mane
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I mostly write, and when I do it's usually Fantasy or Horror with the occasional Sci-Fi. When I'm not writing I enjoy playing video games, reading and watching nostalgic cartoons. I originally got into writing because of video games and because of their tremendous ability to tell a story ... now you may be asking why I didn't go into programming or game design. Fair enough question. Answer: I'd get bored. I write to tell a story, my stories with my characters and my worlds. And hey, if one day someone asks me to write a script for a game, I might just do it. But until then I'll have to put up with post my quirky little stories online or in small zines. I hope you enjoy what I enjoy thinking up.

Current Projects
Where the Asphalt Ends: A Lovecraftian Roadtrip Podcast
The Cave of Woe: A Commodore-Inspire Choose Your Own Adventure Novel
Weekly Writing Prompt Challenges
De-Mastering Screenshots of some of my favorite old video games down to Original Gameboy Pixels and Colors


My stories have a flair for strange, much like the way my mind works: strangely. There will be gaps, weeks, I may not post. This is unfortunately how I work, in hyper spurts. So my apology if you end up having to wait longer than expected for a new chapter. Trust me, it'll happen.



Cover for Last Wish
Cover concept for a VR fantasy story series I'm working on.
I really enjoyed this piece. I love the subject of Time in all forms of art and I think it's sorely underused. The way you formed the words is easy to follow and pleasing to the organized eye. I love the use of different describing words for time (ie clocks, moments, time, moments, ect) strung across the first half of the poem and my only real complaint is that you didn't continue to use them for most of the second half of the poem.

On a non-poem related note: I really love the watermark art in the background. I didn't notice it until I started writing this and I got to say that it definitely makes the piece more special.

Keep up the great work.
The Cavern of Woe, auspicious as it's name, you have gathered your courage to face it's trials and claim it's treasures.
But, who are you?

[1] A Warrior
[2] A Mage

A Mage: You are a mage, with years of education and knowledge of the arcane. You've arrived here with a strong sense of curiosity and will to unearth the secrets that the cave may hold.

(One of the character/class options for my Commodore-Inspired Choose Your Own Adventure Story)  
The Ooze
At first you get the feeling, you're being watched. You scan the room to find nothing but can't seem to shake the feeling. You move cautiously, one step at a time, straining to see beyond the light your torch grants you. With a crash, you notice a foul odor and a figure rises from a lump of mud in the ground. Your caution serves you well and you are able to get a good look at the gelatinous oozing muck slowly moving your way. What looks like it's move moves in unfathomable ways and a disturbing gurgle echoes from what you assume is it's stomach.
It continues to move closer, what do you do?
[1] Prepare to attack
[2] Try to find a way around it
[3] Try swinging your torch around in front of you
[4] Keep backing away

Excerpt from my Commodore-Inspired Choose Your Own Adventure "Cave of Woe"


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